Who is the Fluffy Mommy?


fluffy mommy

noun \ˈflə-fē\ \mä-mē\

: a plus-sized woman who loves her family the best way she knows how


I’ve seen the term “fluffy” used around the net to describe people as fat, cute and adorable (among other things–Urban Dictionary is a crazy place). I just thought it was perfectly cute, so I adopted it trying to define who I am as a mom, coming up with my own definition of a “fluffy mommy” in the process.

I am Chachie Pabalan, and I’m The Fluffy Mommy. I have been breastfeeding my daughter since birth (15 months as of this writing), I babywear, we co-sleep with our daughter, and I’ve recently quit my corporate job to become a WAHM . I’m happily married to my very supportive and loving husband JM Pabalan, who dreams of also quitting his corporate job and becoming a WAHD some day, so he can take our daughter out for a walk every afternoon.

I’ve been plus-sized most of my life, and I’m used to being categorized as not “normal” just because I’m bigger than most Asian women. I know how it feels to not fit in because of how my body looks. I know how it feels to try conceiving while having PCOS and struggling with my weight. I know how it feels to have not so many good options when shopping for maternity and nursing clothes, or any clothes for that matter. I know how it feels to hate my postpartum body and to struggle with facing the world while feeling that my body is no longer my own.

I created The Fluffy Mommy because I know that my personal experiences from everything I’ve been through, will someday help someone else who’s going through the same struggles I had/have. I also dream of more Fluffy Mommies arising from the ashes and taking back control of their identity, self-worth and body image.

Do you think you’re a Fluffy Mommy, too? Then join me on my adventure, as I navigate through life that has become more hostile to “FLUFF” more than ever. Let’s all EMBRACE THE FLUFF!


The Fluffy Mommy

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